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Marpole Students for Modular Housing

I made a twitter account last night and, as of this morning, I have nine followers.
A step back: the City of Vancouver is planning to develop modular housing units on 59th and Heather, within a two block radius of three schools, one of which is an elementary school. The project is a part of a plan to develop 600 units across the province in efforts to get people off the street. Parents are concerned that their children are at risk, quoting the following:
I get it. If I were a parent grappling with the image of my child getting hurt by a dirty needle, I would be too. But that's not what the picture looks like.

       When I see Facebook posts and tweets that use words like "devil" and "chicken" to describe people, that capitalize every single word, that have rendered exlamation marks hackneyed, and that make generalizations about students and the most vulnerable population in our city, I find it hard to see an effort to engage in dialogue. I have had conv…

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